Why do I need a Pre-purchase termite inspection?

House being inspected for termitesDon’t buy someone else’s problems.

Smart home and property buyers always get both a Pre-purchase pest inspection and a building inspection before finalising their purchase, making the outcome a part of the sale contract. Termites are rarely covered by insurance, you might think you’re buying a great house but it could be an unsafe structural time bomb. As our Dubbo pre-purchase pest inspection friends at Pest Alert put it: “Don’t gamble with your home”.

Quality is everything.

Bega Valley Pest Control are experts in pests so we stick to the termite inspection only and refer a specialist in building inspections to you for that component. We’re not fans of competitors set up only to do a combined inspection – they offer convenience, yes but you have to ask, is the quality watered down by the fact they don’t focus on one or the other daily? Why trust one of your biggest assets with someone who is a jack of all trades and a master of none.

We’re termite investigators.

Not only will we find current activity, an inspection can uncover past termite activity. If the property has had past termite treatments we’ll find evidence and explain the maintenance requirements of the system. Just because there has been a termite treatment in the past doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy however, most times it’s quite the opposite! Shows the property has been looked after. A lot of treatments are a preventative, and if performed by Bega Valley Pest Control it would have been successful, which is a big plus.

What to look for in a pre-purchase inspection company?

  • Only a licensed residential building inspector can legally perform pre-purchase building inspections, ask for their number and check it’s current.
  • Only a licensed pest controller can legally perform termite inspections, also ask for your technicians licence no.
  • Check that the company is insured accordingly, you’d be surprised how many aren’t current, especially the ‘fly by night’ Facebook community page operators.