Pest Control

Steve Packham and his teamYou can depend on Bega Valley Pest Control to detect and eliminate nasty pests affecting your home and family. Our experience and ability allows us to effectively deal with the following, and more:

Spider Pest Control

Unfortunately Australia has some of the most venomous spiders in the world and from urban to rural environments, no space inside or out is safe. The Bega Valley is no exception! Some like the Funnel Web and Redback strike fear from name alone. Luckily a well-trained and well equipped Pest Controller service like ours can protect your family with guaranteed results in eradication and barrier defence. While deaths are now rare, many people fall ill and it’s best to have us treat your home at least once a year. Children, Pets & the Elderly are especially at risk.
Warning: Funnel web spiders thrive in the Bega Valley, if someone is bitten ring for an ambulance 000 (Zero-Zero-Zero) immediately. It is recommended that everyone learn how to apply a ‘Pressure Immobilisation Bandage’ in case of such an event.

Termite Pest Control

Termites are the most costly and destructive pest in Australia and have earned their own section of our web site here.

Cockroach Pest Control

This nasty insect poses one of the biggest threats to your family’s health. We’ve had people call up when they’ve seen one or two and upon inspection massive infestations have been discovered. They contaminate your food and food preparation areas with their droppings, shedded casts, egg casings, dead bodies, and vomit whilst secreting an offensive odour. They’re very effective at spreading disease and commonly pass through unsanitary areas such as garbage and sewers. If you spot or find evidence of cockroaches, or just want peace of mind, give us a call for extremely effective treatment and prevention.

Rodent Pest Control (Rats & Mice)

Sick of the supermarket off-the-shelf treatments not working? Call in the experts, we’ll devastate your rodent infestation. Rats and mice not only cause damage to your premises they bring disease and parasites such as fleas and intestinal worms. They want your food and will contaminate it with faeces, urine and fur.

Ant Pest Control

One of the most annoying pests, Ants are hard to control once they have invaded your home. While foraging and finding their way in through every possible crevice they pass over unsanitary areas such as garbage and dog excrement, tracking diseases such as salmonella onto your benches and unsealed food sources. Bega Valley Pest Control has proven, effective removal treatments for ants.

Flea Pest Control

These blood suckers are not only happy feeding on your pets, they’re happy feeding on humans too, especially children. They carry the tapeworm parasite so it is imperative that you take preventative actions by treating your pets, talk to a vet for the best measures. Once fleas have a hold in your home however they can multiply quick and that’s where we come in. Contact us as soon as possible for a treatment plan.